AI Trading Engine

With so much information, proper data implementation is a staggering task. AIMEE®’s trading engine is built to implement automated marketing strategies and learn through experimentation. The result is an algorithmic solution optimized for live decisions to scale your business.

aimee trading dash screen
aimee trading dash screen
Scale Growth Hacking

Modular Extensible Architecture

Scale Growth Hacking

Modular Extensible Architecture

A good growth hacker can change the course of a company, but how far can they go alone?

With AIMEE®, your trading engine is built on a modular architecture allowing rapid experimentation and scaling on success. The components of the system include:

Skills: A finite unit of work that can be performed by a human marketer (for example, change a picture or a price)

Tactics: A sequential condition-capable collection of skills designed to accomplish a specific task

Strategy: A collection of tactics assigned to a product to fully automate its management.

Extendable architecture

Skills SDK

Need to add more capabilities? Want to teach AIMEE® new tricks? Our platform was built for that. AIMEE®’s extendable architecture allows full customization for your needs.
Contact us if you want to be notified when the SDK becomes available.

aimee trading dash laptop screen
always learning

Explore, Exploit and Learn

There are many tools in a marketer’s toolbox, but which ones work best for which products and when? With overwhelmingly fluctuating data influencing the success of our business, studying a product’s price elasticity, timing windows, and more is crucial to optimize any strategy.

By giving our AI trading engine high level business goals, budgets and access to various levers, we can scale the experimentation, learning and optimization to thousands of products.

aimee trading dash iPad Air screen
aimee trading dash iPad Air screen
Customer Service

Learning from Conversations

Customer service is the backbone of any business. AIMEE® would not be complete without the ability to talk to our customers and ensure that they are satisfied with their purchase, that they registered their warranty, or that they took advantage of a special offer.

By using AI powered chatbots, we can automatically follow up with customers post purchase, discuss issues with the product, offer returns and refunds and remind clients to register their warranty.

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