Financial Modules
and Dashboards

AIMEE™’s dashboards allow you to track new product planning, financial projections, inventory levels, media buying spend and more. With all your data insights in one place, it’s easier than ever to execute across multiple channels.

aimee dash
aimee dash
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All your data in one place

Central Access

All your data in one place

Central Access

Consume live data from all your commerce, marketing and operations channels. Synthesize various streams of information into the type of insights your team needs.

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Improve forecasts & reorder schedules

Planning to Execution

Information is a map; success is a journey. Our data leads the way to actionable success at every step of the process

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analyze live data

Live Insights

Track performance live and gain visibility into every aspect of your supply chain. Slice and aggregate data at lightning speed across multiple channels, accounts, brands and products. Manage and automate market research, financial planning, inventory, marketing, sales and fulfillment all in one place.

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iPad Air
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