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Mohawk Group is developing AImee™, a next generation E-Commerce platform that powers growth for our partners and our own consumer product brands.

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Want to understand your customers better? With AImee, you can. Our real-time research engine offers visibility into product demand, trends and, consumer sentiment across multiple channels.


Access to data is essential for planning a new product launch. Converting market insights into a financial plan and tracking product performance in real time is key to success

Automate your forecasting and inventory management while monitoring live P&Ls at the product, brand and channel levels.

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iPad dashboard

Trading Engine.

Marketing is turning more into math, and humans can only go so far. AImee can go further, by experimenting and learning from various marketing strategies to calibrate in real time across an unlimited number of products. Manage pricing strategy, media buying, seo, a/b testing and more through an extendible skill-based SDK.

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Mohawk Group’s holdings division has launched and grown a portfolio of best-selling consumer products across four brands, spanning home and kitchen, beauty, consumer electronics, and appliances.

Our brands are built on data, allowing us maximum calibration in an agile and competitive E-Commerce space.



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